The Big Party is going to take place on:

SATURDAY, 14.01.2017
DOORS: 18.30h

Venloer Straße 40

Venloer Straße 35

Venloer Straße 39





The trailer has arrived!!

The 5th edition of that great jazz celebration in Cologne brings musicians and audience together at the start of 2016

WINTERJAZZ has firmly engraved itself into the audience’s hearts. This sparkling event at the start of the year surprises, astonishes and inspires people beyond the city and surroundings of Cologne.

Enticing 50 musicians, 19 concerts on 5 stages which are all within walking range. The festival’s backbone is the ‘Stadtgarten’ with its three stages in the concert hall, ‘Studio 672’ as well as its cafe and restaurant. Across from the Venloer Straße are the smaller venues ‘Zimmermann´s’ and ‘Umleitung’ with a more intimate feel.

This sparkly musical display makes it plain obvious to the eyes and ears how diverse and vital the Cologne jazz scene is. It’s a preview into how much can be discovered at those various (jazz) venues in Cologne all year round.

Winterjazz Cologne – 5th anniversary edition

…. 50 musicians, 19 performances on five stages: